Club Stands

Club stand Saturday – This is the second year for club stands. The club stands will be placed in the pits which are taken up by racers on Sunday and Monday. We are really hoping to develop this day and are looking to have Club Wars with racing for Dub and VAG clubs  on Saturday 27th. We have a number of clubs confirmed already but do have space for more – just get in touch if your club’s interested.  Clubs can enter just to have a regular stand or can take part in Club Wars as well – this is a bit of fun though we will have prizes for the quickest car and club.

Discount entry for club stand drivers –

Day visitor club stand driver gets free entry. Any passengers pay the £5 day fee.

Club stand members who camp will receive 10% discount on camping.

The best stand will win £100 worth of tickets for 2018.

FEES FOR RACING ON SATURDAY – £10 for one run or £30 which gives unlimited runs until the end of the day.