Year 4 for Powerfest at York Raceway.  As keen dubbers we are committed to bringing a VW show with a drag strip to the north of England.  York Raceway is the only designated drag strip in the north (and one of only 3 nationally) and it is our pleasure to work with them.

We have reviewed our pricing structure and those that camp should see a pleasant reduction in prices for the most part.

Saturday is a cheap day for day visitors who can expect clubstands, show cars and can enjoy the entertainment and traders etc on site.  We aim to push the event on from 2016 and are looking to open the track on Saturday for the first time for club shoot outs.

Sunday and Monday are full race days.  We really want to see more dubs on the track this year and would encourage people to give it a go.

In addition to the cars there will be caterers, traders, live music and more.

For full details of what will be happening during the weekend please refer to our FaceBook page PowerFest.

For directions please use the information provided on the “Contact” page.